In Honor of World Humanitarian Day, These Ideas Provide Global Aid

 - Aug 19, 2015
These innovative ideas support World Humanitarian Day, which aims to give recognition to the initiatives aiding those in need. These ideas provide a wide scope of the possible ways to positively contribute in the fight for global human rights and sustainability.

Many of these ideas allow people in developed countries to provide assistance simply by using smartphones. For example the Tinbox app allows users to make a daily donation to a charity at no extra cost. Other examples of providing aid for developing countries include purchasing products through charity-connected brands. The 'Smiles for the People' campaign donates the cash equivalent of a toothbrush each time one of its toothbrushes is sold.

Wold Humanitarian Day is celebrated once a year, but these initiatives last much longer. Many take place through physically aiding less developed countries or sending relief drones, however there are numerous others ways to provide humanitarian assistance.