These Tiny Billboards Created by BBH Interns Promote Big Messages

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: smallbillboardsforbigcauses & adweek
A group of BBH interns created a collection of tiny billboards to promote big humanitarian messages. The idea for the '#smallbillboards campaign was to make people stop and think. Instead of using traditionally large billboards that society has grown accustomed to, these tiny billboards intrigue people's natural curiosity.

The eye-catching billboards are used to promote messages from humanitarian and socially good brands such as PETA and UICEF. For example one PETA-promoting billboard reads "fashion: small animals shouldn't have to suffer to become a glove lining."

This project began as a challenge for all the interns at BBH to create something famous using a small budget of one thousand dollars. With this in mind, interns Yolanda Saetern, Alan Sanchez and Jeff Tepper created their project titled 'Small Billboards for Big Causes.' This clever marketing scheme has now gained wide-scope recognition.