From Rooftop Instagram Stunts to Twitter-Powered Billboards

 - Aug 28, 2015
These awe-inspiring marketing innovations range from social media vending machines to branded Instagram campaigns that are executed on an urban rooftop. As millennial consumers grow more fond of experiential marketing, major and independent brands are no longer resorting to traditional commercials, billboards and promotional events but are instead aiming to outdo one another in the awe-inspiring marketing front.

Standouts include Veuve Cliquot, the luxury champagne brand that is no stranger to experiential marketing. Some of its most memorable experiences include a mobile champagne bar, equipped with a celebrity chef and catered food pairings as well as a week-long lifestyle and food event that showcased urban restaurant menus in a new light.

When looking at the modern billboard, socially conscious or social media savvy messaging is key when appealing to elusive audiences. Whether appealing to tech-conscious consumers -- think Topshop's twitter-powered pop-up and art installation -- or targeting one's emotions -- Women's Aid's domestic abuse billboard heals a woman's bruises in real time -- major brands and organizations are connecting with audience through awe-inspiring and interactive methods.