Selfridges is Celebrating Champagne Week with a Pop-Up Champagne Tasting

In celebration of National Champagne Week this year, department store Selfridges is turning over its Balcony space to Michelin-starred chef Anthony Demetre, so that he can host a champagne tasting and dinner event.

The pop-up champagne experience will pair drinks with a luxurious four-course meal in the fall. As one of Britain's best chefs, Demetre is responsible for running two of his own restaurants Soho's Arbutus in and Wild Honey in Mayfair. Dishes from these iconic London restaurants will make an appearance at the lavish champagne tasting.

The experiential 'Balcony Supper Club: One Night with Anthony Demetre' event brings purpose to the retail space in the evening and solidifies Selfridges in the minds of consumers as a retailer of premium products.