Cornetto's Interactive YouTube Video Tells 'Two Sides' of a Story

There are always two sides to every story, but as they unravel, it's quite rare to get any more than just one perspective. Cornetto is changing this with its newest advertisement, aptly titled 'Two Sides,' that takes the form of an interactive YouTube video starring a boy named Josh and a girl named Carly.

Using the annotations built into the YouTube player, viewers can change the way they experience the unraveling of the story by tuning into either the inner thoughts of the male or female voice.

The interactive story spans about 10 minutes in length, but since it's possible to swap perspectives within the ad, it leaves much for viewers to explore. Ultimately targeting a young tech-savvy Millennial demographic with this format, Cornetto's message for ice cream lovers is that: "In love, if you dare, you win."