From Botanical Gin Workshops to Luxury Vehicle Garden Pop-Ups

 - Mar 18, 2016
As brands move to create memorable brand immersion experiences through temporary retail concepts, many are launching garden-inspired pop-ups that recall the relaxing nature of being outdoors in the springtime. An easily accessible theme for almost any brand, garden-inspired pop-ups have been hosted by everyone from Comfort fabric softener to Lexus.

A winning example of a spring-themed pop-up is the Horticultural event hosted by Hendrick's Gin at Blake's Hotel Kensington in London. A collaborative experience created by British designer Matthew Williamson and installation artist Rebecca Louise Law, the event gave off the feeling of a garden oasis and served as a whimsical backdrop for product education sessions and tastings.

Possibly linked to the modern obsession with "unplugging" and taking designated breaks from the connected world, many brands are hosting garden-shrouded pop-ups that offer consumers a tranquil escape from the responsibilities of daily life.