Vi Agroforestry's Tree Planting Campaign Accepts Tree Emoji Donations

 - Jul 22, 2015
References: & adsoftheworld
In order to make a tree planting campaign that people wanted to be a part of, Swedish charity Vi Agroforestry turned to emojis for marketing. As part of a project to plant trees in eastern Africa, the organization found a new way to make its text donations intriguing.

Instead of having people try to remember a particular SMS code, the organization made it possible to send a donation using only the tree emoji. Each emoji was valued at $2, which is the amount that is required to plant a single tree. In total, users could send up to 25 tree emojis in a single message.

In this same theme, WWF created a campaign where people could text using any of the 17 animal emojis to support endangered animals. From a for-profit perspective, companies like Domino's are also making it possible for consumers to tweet pizza emojis in order to initiate an order.