The DrinkPure Water Filter is Effective and Inexpensive

 - Jul 28, 2014
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The DrinkPure is an inexpensive water filter that was conceived and developed by Jeremy Nussbaumer, a student at the ETH Zurich research institute in Switzerland. Nussbaumer created a prototype that weighs only 100 grams and can meet the hydration needs of one person for up to one year before its filtration components need replacing.

The DrinkPure filter is unique in that it is inexpensive, easy to use and works fast as well. It is simply screwed onto the top of an existing bottle, and can purify approximately one liter of water per minute.

Users simply have to fill a regular plastic bottle with untreated water, screw the filter onto the bottle neck and squeeze the bottle to force filtered water through.

Nussbaumer has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund field testing of the device in Africa, as he wants to see it used in humanitarian aid prior to being made commercially available.