From Dual-Purpose Blenders to Transformative Mobile Cups

 - Nov 24, 2015
These multifunctional beverage appliances range from transformative mobile cups to dual-purpose drink blenders that can brew both hot and cold blends simultaneously. In addition to compact coffee brewers -- from in-car coffee makers to self-mixing cappuccino mugs -- other standouts include at-home beverage appliances that are bluetooth and wi-fi equipped.

Other memorable examples include artisanal espresso machines that can brew and grind one's beans to make the perfect cup of joe. Additionally, futuristic kettles like Jordan Lee Martin's 'Bloom' concept can be used to make tea and steam food items like vegetables.

Some additional examples include on-the-go cold coffee brewers that can double as an elegant carafe along with sculptural brewers that also act as a decorative accent when displayed in a modern kitchen.