The 'MoJoe' is a Convenient Travel Mug That Brews Coffee on the Go

 - Sep 2, 2015
References: mojoebrewing
The 'MoJoe' is a line of travel mug-sized mobile coffee brewers that saves consumers time and money while providing unparalleled convenience. Finding ways to save time in your morning routine can be hard. The MoJoe cuts out the time needed to stop for coffee or wait for it to brew at home.

The MoJoe is powered by a removable 15V rechargeable battery, a standard car cigarette lighter or any wall outlet. Other mobile coffee makers require you to heat the water first, or does not reach the optimal coffee brewing temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Best of all, this mobile coffee brewer uses any kind of coffee grinds, ensuring a delicious cup for each person and reducing the wasteful practice of coffee pods or K-cups.

Convenience, speed and value are very important to consumers in today's busy world, making the MoJoe the perfect product for the hectic schedules of the businessman and woman, the busy mom or dad and the cramming student.