The OKO Odyssey Water Bottle Has a Flashlight and Storage Space

 - Mar 20, 2014
References: okoh2o & gizmag
The OKO Odyssey water bottle is like no other bottle you've ever sipped water or clandestinely slurped some whiskey from. This bottle has two water filters, a flashlight, a lantern and a storage compartment.

The Odyssey water bottle has a Level 1 filter which is like a household Brita carbon filter designed to remove chlorine taste and odor from tap water. The Level 2 filter is literally a next-level filter that can rid the water of bacteria and other contaminants. Despite its high-tech function, the Level 2 filter is designed for travel and can clean water in more than 140 countries around the world where water may not always be clean or reliable.

The bottle also has an included flashlight which, when pointed inwards, turns into a lantern that uses the bottle's curves as a shade to provide diffused area light. The light includes a strobe function which could be use to attract attention in emergency situations.