The Copper Kettle Brewing Company is Donating Beer Sale Proceeds

The Copper Kettle Brewing Company, a locally owned brewery located in Denver, Colorado and established in 2011, is set to host a charitable event called 'Pints for a Purpose'.

A dollar from each pint of beer sold will be directed towards Hope Shines, a charitable organization that aims to enhance the lives of impoverished and marginalized orphans in Rwanda.

The event is part of a month-long Pints for Purpose program wherein a part of proceeds from pint sales on each Tuesday of the month are directed to a different rotating charity each week of the month.

So if you live in Colorado and like the idea of downing delicious pints of beer for a purpose that's greater than simply elevating your own mood and having a good time, head on over to the Copper Kettle Brewing Company and get your beer on.