- Apr 7, 2015
It's National Beer Day in the United States, so what better occasion is there to celebrate a quality selection of all-American beers? A law went into effect on April 7th of 1933 enabling beer to be bought, sold and consumed––this was the end of the Prohibition.

What has happened in the generations since that day is perhaps no surprise. The enthusiasm met by the passing of the bill has lasted for the better part of the past century, cultivating a multi-billion-dollar industry, supporting the establishment of microbreweries and craft beer producers, and inspiring individuals to venture into home brewing hobbies.

With this great pride in an almost universally appreciated alcoholic beverage, much of the packaging that you'll see for these all-American beers tends to bear the star-spangled banner and references to the landscape and the sports of the booze-loving superpower.

National Beer Day Inspirations from Patriotic Pilsners to US Ales: