Brooks Dry Cider Packaging Illustrates History Surrounding its Origin

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: thedieline
Referencing the natural and political history of the location of the brewery, this grizzly bear beer branding scheme is strong and symbolic. Alluding to the old California Republic of the mid 19th century, designer Tosh Hall applied the powerful mammal mascot to every beer bottle, every carton and every case.

The timeless and natural imagery was well dealt with by exercising a fairly clean and minimalist aesthetic. Sketch-style drawings of Brooks the bear decorate the four-packs with intimidating furry faces that have ferocious piercing eyes. By contrast, the individual labels of Brooks Dry Cider packaging present playful drawings of the animal, engaged in the various adventurous activities that this American state offers at present. The grizzly bear beer branding expresses the versatility of its defining character, speaking to consumers with multiple messages for a layered brand identity.