From Rustic Delicatessen Branding to Heritage Cheddar Packaging

 - Dec 9, 2015
In addition to providing a stimulating design visually, origin packaging serves to communicate the heritage and traditions that have informed a product's formula, as well as to provide a window into the region in which it is derived from.

From dizzying topographical landscapes that allude to where a box of tea was sourced to vibrant cultural imagery that references the local heritage surrounding a yogurt brand, there are plenty of opportunities to connect consumers to the story behind the brand and product that will hopefully drive purchasing decisions.

Often, established brands will find themselves navigating the design process in hopes of marrying their storied history of tradition with design concepts that resonate with modern consumers. One winning example of this in particular is the rebrand of Sorger, an Austrian bakery brand founded in 1688. Sorger was able to achieve an enticing packaging scheme that both fell in line with modern design movements and communicated the brand's story.