This Dynamic Packaging Scheme is for a Specialty Food Shop in Tuscany

 - Aug 11, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Bottega Toscana is a quality-focused specialty food store located in Tuscany. In order to create a dynamic branding scheme that would bring attention to the store, Bottega Toscana tapped the creative team at Kidstudio. The results are a brown paper-based set of packaging designs that speak to the Italian tradition of obtaining food "made-with-care" from gourmet delicatessens and other specialty shops rather than chain grocery stores.

The set of designs by Kidstudio rely on rough brown paper as a material and creates a tactile experience for the customer. The use of the craft paper speaks to the overall experience that Bottega Toscana is aiming to create for consumers, one that inspires feelings of tradition and the richness of well-made food.