T’ani l’ai by Marta Llop Draws on Ancestral Territories for Packaging

Marta Llop used the ancestral territories of people from Chelly’s Canyon for inspiration behind the beer packaging for T’ani l’ai. The result is an extremely symbolic package design.

Even the name draws on this native history, as T'ani l'ai means dragonfly in the local language. The packaging itself looks like hieroglyphs one would find on a historic wall, and apart from the name at the very bottom of the bottle, no text has been used on the front. The beer comes in a few different flavors, and according to the designer Marta Llop, "water shaped land the same way water shapes this beer."

Clearly symbolism is a major component with this type of beer branding, and one that is mysterious enough to grab people's attention so they can find out more.