From InFight Cocktail Kits to Comic Book Alcoholic Beverages

 - Jan 11, 2015
Personalized accessories, tech-integration and at-home mixing and brewing are all featured in the top 2014 drinking trends.

In recent years, DIY has been dominating, with people eager to brew their own beer and mix their own cocktails. Taking it one step further, 2014 saw a rise in DIY alcoholic treats, like booze-infused popsicles, cakes and donuts. Drinking is a social experience fueled by a more-the-merrier attitude, and sharing these boozy homemade snacks is on-par with this psychology. Customized glassware and niche drinking accessories (for example, hooded wine sleeves or instant drink-chilling gadgets) elevate the experience by adding a level of hyper-personalization or tech-integration.

In terms of branding and packaging, minimalism remained a popular trend. However, this year also saw an influx of humor, wit and playfulness when it came to cultivating a strong brand identity.

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