These Photoshopped Liquor Bottles Reveal What You Become When You Drink Them

 - Aug 19, 2014
References: mymodernmet & Photoshopped a series of liquor labels so that they advertise what the effects of drinking them. These satirical liquor packagings are a hilarious read because they're so brutally honest.

These illustrations feature realistic images of bottles of Jack Daniels, tequila, white wine and vodka. Each bottle has been cleverly Photoshopped so that the label is replaced with the drinking side effect. For example, the bottle of Jack Daniels is comically called 'Text Your Ex' inspired by the fact that many women drunk text their ex lovers when they've had too much whiskey. The bottle of tequila is called 'Dancing on Tables' followed by the brutally honest side note of "Tequila: 100% regret."

Hopefully reading these honest liquor labels will guide you in knowing which alcohols you should steer clear of next time you drink.