From Boozy Cucumber Popsicles to Refreshing Vegetable Cocktails

 - Sep 1, 2015
These cucumber recipes show that the classic cucumber is a green vegetable that has a huge amount of possibility.

When you think of a cucumber, you likely only imagine using it in some sort of garden salad, but this crisp and refreshing vegetable has much more range than just that. Perfect in a cocktail or infused into your favorite food, a cucumber makes any drink or meal so much more with its understated flavor.

With these inspired cucumber recipes, any meal or drink can suddenly get a cool and refreshing addition that is sure to impress any company you entertain on a hot summer day. Take a quick moment for yourself to sip on a cucumber-inspired drink, whip up some sushi-inspired vegetarian snacks and finally just lay back and relax feeling as cool as a cucumber.