From Small Batch Fermentation Kits to Probiotic Kombucha Packs

 - Mar 8, 2016
These examples of DIY fermentation range from small batch cold brew kits to probiotic kombucha sets that let users create their own refreshing brew at home. Fans of naturally fermented foods like sauerkraut can create their own versions with the help of DIY kits that feature fermentation vessels and pre-packed preservatives. For example, Mama O's Korean kimchi kit lets users create the fermented snack in seconds and is sold with a lock-lid glass jar and organic kimchi paste that can be added to fresh cabbage or another veggie of choice.

Similar products include beer and aged whiskey kits that let DIY fermentation enthusiasts create alcoholic brews at home with the help of some simple ingredients. Embracing a DIY maker culture, more Millennials are cutting grocery costs by opting for at-home fermentation kits that help them create products like healthy Kombucha teas and aged gin libations.