This DIY Tutortial Explains How to Make Carbonated Fermented Tea at Home

 - Aug 25, 2015
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The popular fermented tea beverage Kombucha is one sought-after by many health enthusiasts looking to benefit from the drink's high probiotic count. Thanks to this DIY recipe, you attempt to make the carbonated tea beverage at home so that you always have some handy.

To make your own Kombucha, you need good quality ingredients and patience. The process begins with steeped tea that is then sweetened with sugar and a mushroom culture called scoby. All the ingredients are mixed into a glass bottle, placed in a dark room and capped to allow the tea to ferment and develop bacteria cultures. The end result after a few weeks should be a sweet slightly carbonated tea that you can pull the scoby out of. Then proceed to flavor your Kombucha how you please with juices, fruits or added aromas.