This Fermentation Kit Lets You Create Flavored Kombucha Beverages

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: williams-sonoma
This Williams-Sonoma fermentation kit is the first product that makes it possible for you to make flavored kombucha at home, and comes with all the equipment you need as well as ingredients to brew three batches of mango-flavored kombucha.

Kombucha-based beverages are renowned both for their delicious flavor as well as their supremely high probiotic and nutrient content, made possible thanks to the use of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) processes in the preparation.

The Williams-Sonoma fermentation kit includes everything you need to prepare your own SCOBY-rich kombucha at home -- a special tea blend, sugar, cultures, liquid starter, a glass jar and a thermometer. You can use the included kit to prepare cultures which can then be used to make future batches of cultures, so you can continue to enjoy delicious and nutritious kombucha for as long as you like.