The Gochugaru Flakes Can Be Used to Make Homemade Pickled Cabbage

 - Feb 29, 2016
References: perfectpickler
If you've ever reveled in the delights of crunchy kimchi or pickled cabbage at a Korean restaurant, it's safe to attribute much of your enjoyment to the key ingredient that is gochugaru or kimchi chilli flakes. Now, this exciting and exotic ingredient is available for purchase and for use in your kitchen, where you can go about making your own Korean style kimchi.

Available in a 7-ounce canister, the gochugaru ingredient can be conveniently purchased from Perfect Pickler, which has made a name for itself for encouraging people to embrace pickling and fermentation in their own kitchens. The canister is enough to make anywhere between 8 and 16 quarts of kimchi, depending on how intensely flavored you like your kimchi.

For typically American spice tolerance, Perfect Pickler recommends that you start with 1 to 2 tablespoons of gochugaru per quart, although you can add more anytime to adjust the flavor.

Ultimately, this gochugaru product lets you bring a classic Korean ingredient into your kitchen, enabling you to enjoy the delights of kimchi anytime.