From Achromatic Chocolate Eggs to Handheld Pizza Popsicles

 - Apr 24, 2016
From achromatic chocolate Easter eggs to savory handheld pizza popsicles, the April 2016 food trends reveal a demand for new and innovative ways of enjoying classic dishes. Whether it is improving the appearance of a dish or simply making a product more portable, consumers are eager to try out new food experiences based on flavors they already enjoy.

One particular food item that has undergone a number of transformations in the past month is the humble Easter egg. Indeed, the April 2016 food trends demonstrate that both children and adults alike appreciate creative takes on popular Easter sweets. Some of these Easter dessert innovations include pizzas topped with Cradbury Creme Eggs, edible rabbit-shaped masks and beehive-inspired chocolate eggs.

Beyond Easter treats, many other dishes have undergone unusual transformations. For example, a Filipino food cart called 'Pizzacle' is now serving sweet and savory pizza on a stick. Additionally, a Czech bakery is selling hollow cinnamon sugar donuts that double as ice cream cones.