This Flakey Phyllo Dough Pastry is Shaped Like Mini Bats

 - Mar 12, 2016
References: facebook & foodiggity
Bakery Lou Lou P's Delights is offering consumers the chance to sample traditional phyllo dough pastries shaped like night critters with these 'Bat'klava desserts. The pastries are made from layers of dough and a nut and honey filling that are then cut into little bats and decorated with candied faces.

The 'Bat'klava pastries offer a modern spin on the traditional dessert enjoyed throughout eastern Europe by altering the shape from conventional squares to tiny bats. The dough is layered with honey, orange blossom crushed nuts and sugar and baked before being being cut into simple bats with pointed wings. Each piece is then decorated with a grinning fang face making an ideal snack for adults and children alike. The added whimsy to the pastry adds a playful element to enjoyment.