- Aug 5, 2016
Rainbow-colored inspirations don't need to be confined to simply visual things, they can also be incorporated into food or drinks. Doritos introduced multicolored rainbow chips to support the LGBTQ community. Curious consumers just needed to donate $10 to $100 dollars to the 'It Gets Better Project' and they would be sent their own bag of bright colored Doritos chips. Brooklyn's 'The Bagel Store' also incorporated rainbows into their offerings by creating the 'Rainbow Bagel.' The store's novel bread item went viral and was so popular that the store even shipped products to consumers anywhere in the U.S.

Food as art and innovation has become a major movement, especially with the rise of social media foodies. The concept allows brands to be creative with their consumable products and sell specialty items that will attract curious consumers.

From Colorful Bagels to Pride-Supporting Chips: