The New Rainbow Gloss Donuts are Topped with a Sparkly Glaze

 - May 11, 2016
References: & brandeating
Krispy Kreme South Korea recently expanded its menu to include its new Rainbow Gloss Donuts. With everything from bagels to grilled cheese taking on the rainbow trend, it comes as no surprise that rainbow donuts are now taking on a colorful twist.

The new Rainbow Gloss Donuts from Krispy Kreme South Korea consists of the brand's signature Original Glaze donut topped with vibrant icing that boasts a sparkly finish. The donuts come in five different shades, each of which is designed to represent a different color of the rainbow. Not only are the donuts extremely colorful, but they are also designed to taste like the colorful fruits they resemble. For instance, the Green Gloss donuts is kiwi-flavored, while the Yellow Gloss donut is mango-flavored.