From Sushi-Stuffed Croissants to Red Velvet Croissants

 - Feb 15, 2017
The croissant pastry is a buttery, flaky bread that lends itself well to sweet and savory flavors. Following the creation of the Cronut pastry from Chef Dominique Ansel, a number of all-new hybrids were invented, including croissant muffins, cookies and even tacos.

Now, chefs around the world are also experimenting with unique flavors and fillings. For instance, New York's 'Union Fare Bakery' makes croissants inspired by red velvet and birthday cake, while Churned Creamery uses the pastry as a means of serving scoops of ice cream.

On the savory side, croissants are also being used in place of buns for lobster rolls and being stuffed with sushi. As well as simply creating more interesting food flavors and textures, these hybrid croissant pastry dishes also become more Instagram-worthy in the process—and almost demand to be shared.