This Dominique Ansel Creation Puts a Spin on Baked Cinnamon Rolls

Even after inventing the Cronut, Dominique Ansel is far from being fresh out of ideas—his latest creation is a baked cinnamon roll treat with a twist.

The Spun Cinnamon Roll is prepared from making the bun out of dough that's been rolled as if it were on a spool, which creates the many flaky layers of the pastry. The cinnamon roll treat is twice-baked, first after being soaked in a spiced custard, and a second time before being topped with a flavorful apple jack frosting. The result is a small loaf that looks like it has the texture and lightness of a croissant, with the flavor that can be packed into a sweetly baked cinnamon roll.

Rather than being a hybrid of two beloved treats, this one simply reinvents a breakfast classic by applying creative thinking to the way cinnamon rolls are usually prepared.