This Technicolor Cheese Pizza Dish is Accented With Edible Neon Colors

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: ohbiteit & foodiggity
Lifestyle and food blog Oh, Bite It! shares the recipe to create a rainbow cheese pizza dish accented with bright neon hues. The dish turns a rainbow into an edible masterpiece by making use of unexpected colors.

The Rainbow Pizza is a simple enough dish to make, that optimizes on the mozzarella cheese's white hue as a base to add neon colors. The colors are added using food dye and then swirled into the cheese while it is melted, to created a marbled design effect. The pizza will taste the same as regular cheese pizza, while appearing as a rainbow.

While the Oh, Bite It! Rainbow Pizza opts for food coloring to add the different bright shades to the cheese, consumers can also experiment with different naturally colored food purees to add -- such as blueberry, tomato and pesto.