Rainbow Water Puts a Colorful Spin On a Regular Glass of Water

 - Jul 1, 2015
References: happyhooligans
Rainbow water is a whimsical beverage that tastes like the usual H2O but provides all the colors of a rainbow.

A simple recipe that requires the most minimal ingredients, rainbow water is a fun beverage targeted at a younger audience. To make this vibrant drink, consumers must fill their ice trays with water and then add red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple food coloring to each cube of ice. When the cubes have been frozen, the multicolored ice cubes are added to a regular glass of water. As the colored ice hits the water an array of color starts to swirl and swim within the glass.

This rainbow water recipe can also be altered to feature the consumers favorite colors or refashioned to portray the look of a monochromatic beverage.