Celebrate February's Annual Jell-O Week with These Creative Gelatin Shots

 - Feb 8, 2016
The second week of February marks 'Jell-O Week,' which is the perfect time to try these delicious DIY Jell-O shooters. From hot sauce-flavored shooters to celebratory champagne shots, there are a variety of interesting recipes that will suit any occasion.

While Jell-O is traditionally recognized as a playful children's dessert or snack, these recipes are designed to appeal directly to an adult's inner child. For example, one recipe featured on That's So Michelle's blog treats adults to boozy s'mores-flavored shooters, which contain layers of alcohol, chocolate and marshmallow.

Many of these recipes are inspired by national holidays such as Halloween, Independence Day and Valentine's Day -- which is just around the corner. With so many flavors and creative ideas, celebrate Jell-O Week by trying out some new gelatin shots.