This Jelly Shot is Like a Dessert with a Bit of a Boozy Punch

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: reddit & foodbeast
Although the cold weather is slowly leaving us, you can add some flavor to your alcoholic drinks this spring with these Maple Whiskey Jelly Shots. This tasty and boozy jelly shot will warm your stomach with the wonderful taste of maple. If Jell-O shots are not your favorite, then this may be the perfect alternative for you.

This snack comes from Reddits vermontgirl. It requires very few ingredients, and it is as easy to follow as making traditional Jell-O shots. If you are worried about the texture, do not fret; the ice cream settles at the bottom of the shot when it is refrigerated overnight. Think about it as an extra special creamy surprise at the bottom of the Maple Whiskey Jelly Shot.