From Decadent Chocolate Shooters to Fried Tequila Shots

 - Jun 10, 2015
A great way to kick off a weekend of cheers with friends is by sharing a classic shot together and these party-ready shooters will not disappoint. Taking shots of pure alcohol can be a bit intense but there are many ways to change things up and add a sweet or spicy kick to this party tradition.

Jell-O shots are a party crowd-pleasing treat that are easy to make and fun to drink. It's easy to change up these shots by substituting the usual fruity flavors with some maple whiskey jelly shot creations instead.

Making edible shots as opposed to liquid shots is another fun way to partake in shooters without the burning sensation. Try deep-fried tequila shots at your next party. To keep things interesting at your next get-together, try some of these party-ready shooters.