These Delicious Jelly Shots are Made with Champagne and Rhubarb

 - Jun 16, 2014
References: food52 & food52
If you're planning on having a fun and festive summer party this season, why not try making these yummy jelly shots to serve to your guests? These delicious gelatin drinks swap out harsh liquors for the delicate taste of sweet champagne and fresh rhubarb.

To make these refreshing jelly shots, begin by boiling fresh rhubarb with sugar and water to create a fruity syrup. The syrup is added to a champagne, gin, lemon and gelatin mixture to create a deliciously boozy rhubarb float that has a sparkling carbonated taste thanks to the champagne. These jelly shots don't contain any added color, artificial flavors or chemicals so they're a little bit better for the body than your typical technicolor college dorm room Jell-O shot.