Combine Two Guilty Pleasures in One with These Chocolate Shot Glasses

 - Dec 31, 2013
References: firebox
When you're celebrating something good or easing the pain because something bad happened, chocolate and alcohol are always there for you and now you can combine your two loves with these chocolate shot glasses.

Available in milk chocolate or a rich dark chocolate, these shooters are perfect for holding your vodka, rum or–if you feel so inclined–milk. While the suitability of these chocolate shot glasses as vessels for your alcohol may not be in question, you may have some with regards to the quality and taste the chocolate. Fortunately, these chocolate shots are made from "the finest quality cocoa from South America and Madagascar."

So no longer must you cram a Hershey's bar in your mouth while taking a swig of Jack in order to combine the two flavors of alcohol and chocolate, now you can pour it into your chocolate shot glass just like those high society types.