From Hashtag Ice Makers to Spherical Drink Chillers

 - May 24, 2015
Modernized ice cubes are the best way to cool a drink and keep it cool. There is no need to sip a warm beverage with so many creative ways to keep drinks ice cold. Adding plain ice cubes to a drink is very traditional so why not spice things up by trying some unique ice cube shapes? Tossing a piece of ice that looks like an insect or a pop-culture character is a fun way to keep drinks tasting refreshing longer.

Besides ordinary ice, there are more modernized ice cubes that won't melt in your beverage. There are gold plated whiskey balls and stainless steel stir sticks that can be placed inside the drink, keeping it cool while eliminating the melting process.

Another way to keep drinks at icy temperatures is by putting them in cups or glasses that are frozen. Silicone cocktail chillers have an interior liner of liquid. After placing it in the freezer for a few hours, the cup itself becomes the only ice you need to keep your drink cool.