Every Purchase of 'Balls of Steel' Helps Fight Testicular Cancer

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: originalbos & hiconsumption
Socially conscious whiskey chiller maker 'OriginalBOS' is encouraging whisky-drinkers to "chill your whiskey and fight testicular cancer with Balls of Steel." The company is committed to fighting testicular cancer disease, and is ballsy enough to commit to donating 15% of its profits toward testicular cancer research.

'Balls of Steel' is the name of the company's premium whiskey coolers. Designed with Arctic Core technology, these coolers offer a fast long-lasting chill without diluting the whiskey and making it watery.

Unlike regular whiskey stones, Balls of Steel are extremely lightweight, with each ball weighing only half an ounce. However, the balls manage to pack the same cooling power as six ice cubes. Also unlike whiskey stones, Balls of Steel do not pickup freezer odors and therefore do not interfere with the taste of the whiskey. Balls of Steel are available from the company's website for $24.99.