From Breakfast Maple Whiskies to Buried Beer Coolers

 - Jun 11, 2014
One thing many men have in common is a deep appreciation for a smooth alcoholic beverage; these Father's Day gifts for the drinker appeal to their inner alcohol connoisseur. Whether it is a love of scotch, beer or anything in between, there is something out there for drinking dads around the world.

From poster paraphernalia to geeky bottle openers and even delicious desserts inspired by their alcohol of choice, offspring will find it easy to give them a meaningful present this year. These Father's Day gifts for the drinker range from classic to creative, appealing to all sorts of personalities. One might not realize it at first, but focusing on alcohol has its benefits for options. In addition to actual bottles of the good stuff, people have created many fashionable and home decor tributes.