This Beer Foam Machine Creates Froth Through Ultrasonic Vibrations

 - Feb 15, 2014
References: strapya-world & japantrendshop
If you can appreciate beer with a good layer of head on it, then you will appreciate a beer foam machine.

The foam before the beer is like a nice little segue that comes prior the actual treat. Substantial foam on beer is a sign of a good pour and a cold brew, but for the times you don’t get a good amount, you can make your own. The Sonic Hour uses ultrasonic vibrations to produce a bunch of tiny bubbles throughout the beverage. Simply place a semi-full glass on the tray and within seconds the Sonic Hour will produce a foamy layer. It’s similar to shaking a soda can prior to opening it. The vibration creates more carbonation thus producing creamy foam.

If you want to revive your beer or simply want a little more foam on the top, the Sonic Hour will give you all the foam you’ve ever wanted.