From Semen-Infused Beers to Cherry Blossom Brews

 - Aug 19, 2015
Variety is the spice of life and for anyone seeking to try the unfamiliar, there has been no shortage of options when it comes to the different varieties of beer flavors that have been made available to the public.

While there has always been different kinds of lagers, ales, pilsners and more offered up to a thirsty marketplace, in recent years different infused flavors have sprung up, ranging from the seemingly obvious to the downright bizarre. Bourbon-flavored beer seems almost like a no-brainer, but what about a beer made with real green tea? Mint chocolate sounds like a interesting taste combination, but would you try a New Zealand beer infused with deer semen?

When it comes to different beer flavors, it appears that the sky's the limit. For curious consumers, it doesn't really seem to be a matter if a wild new flavor will be released, but only a matter of when.