Super Bock's Flavored Beer Tastes Like Other Alcoholic Spirits

 - May 14, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
If you're someone who prefers the taste of spirits to beer, trying Super Bock's newest flavored beer range might be worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

In response to the rising popularity of spirits and cocktails, Portugal’s largest brewery decided to create a line of premium spirits-inspired beer. The two new beer drinks channel global flavors like Vodka Lemon from Russia and the iconic Caipirinha, known as Brazil's national cocktail. Although these flavors are unexpected, the packaging for the beer beverages remains quite familiar to consumers.

Crossovers and hybrids are an emerging pattern in the alcohol industry, also seen in Oculto's Tequila Beer, Vodquila and packaging like Bud Light's Mixxtail beverages, which disguise ready-to-drink cocktails in beer bottle shapes. Similarly, wines and champagnes are also being dressed down to look like beer, or vice versa.