These Icon Whiskey Stones are Perfect for the Most Macho of Drinkers

 - May 24, 2013
References: shop.coolmaterial
Whiskey is often considered the most macho drink available and now with these Icon Whiskey Stones from Cool Material, the whiskey drinker's manliness points will go through the roof.

Whiskey stones are used instead of ice to cool a glass of the golden liquid without diluting it. The Icon Whiskey Stones maintain this function while looking pretty fabulous. One set of three stones shows a different mustache on each one: handlebar, ringmaster and sensei. The second set of three has different barbecue paraphernalia including a big old steak, a classic 1950s-style barbecue and barbecue tongs. The third and final set of whiskey stones displays a skull-and-crossbones pattern in case you feel like intimidating those less manly men.

Altogether, these Icon Whiskey Stones make a perfect gift for Father's Day or just to surprise the special macho whiskey-drinker in your life -- even if that means yourself.