- May 31, 2015
Proving that all style comes full circle, rustic furniture is inspired by the artisanal looks from the pioneer age. From wall-mounted bookshelves to geometric wooden light fixtures, these pieces of furniture are sure to add old adage to any home.

The Facecord cabinet is a piece of rustic furniture that appeals to the artisanal style while playing with the eyes. Designed to look like a stack of firewood, this rustic design would best complement minimalistic wooden seating. For a rustic kitchen, perforated plywood lighting and wooden wall hangings provide a contemporary country look that is modern as well as timeless. However, none of these pieces are more Arcadian than distorted wooden tables accented with white fur.

These pieces of rustic furniture can enhance any home and contribute an effortless retro style.

From Artisanal Bench Storage to Impaled Wooden Seating: