The Koren Chair by Djordje Zivanovic is More than Just a Stool

Contemporary designs, especially in regards to furniture, are increasingly embracing the aesthetics of the simple as demonstrated by the Koren Chair by Djordje Zivanovic.

The word Koren itself means "roots" in Serbian, a reference to the design's return to early manufacturing techniques. The chair is made out of six pieces of beach wood, which are easily put together. Similar in a way to IKEA furniture, the Koren Chair is very user-friendly. Unlike IKEA however, Zivanovic's design will last longer than a few months.

More than just a basic seat, the Koren Chair is designed to be able to hold up jackets, book bags, hats and other random accessories. The piece makes for a great organizer when not being used as a chair, and the beech wood makes it a beautiful addition to any room.