From Kitchen Cutlery Decor to Rad Repurposed Couches

 - Jul 31, 2014
Combining sustainability with customized techniques, these upcycled decor ideas are offering some fantastic ideas on how to incorporate more unique eco-friendly designs into your home.

Offering a cost-effective alternative to buying furnishings at the store, these upcycled decor ideas showcase how to easily transform everyday materials into creative and useful household products. Using everything from industrial pipes to computerized gadgets to create lampshades and loungers, these upcycled decor pieces are showcasing how a little imagination can easily bring new life into old or unused materials. A great way to add some personalized touches to your interior decor, these sustainable design tactics will surely stand out with their eclectic forms and material make-up.

A great way to reuse items instead of simply throwing them out, these upcycled ideas will surely have crafty homeowners craving to give these projects a try.