The Pulp Pendant Lamps From Folklore are Delicately Asymmetrical

 - Mar 11, 2013
References: shopfolklore
Gorgeously dainty, the Pulp Pendant Lamps from the Folklore design studio come in two eco-friendly designs.

One is a striking white teardrop shape with a bold, asymmetrical black trim that sets the lamp apart from the white backdrop of a room. The other is a solid dark gray shade that also comes in either white or black. Made out of recycled newspaper paste, the lamp shades have a rough, pulpy feel to them that is especially evident in the unfinished and uneven edges along the bottom of the design. Their stark simplicity and lightweight organic feel is what makes these lamps so beautiful and artistic, fitting in well with a home outfitted in natural materials and minimalist furnishings.

The paper lantern style of these Pulp Pendant Lamps gives them an exotic appearance.