The Trash Closet Project is Bringing Awareness to Our Wasteful Ways

 - Apr 3, 2014
References: lucasenlucas & freshome
Using furniture found on the streets of Amsterdam, The Trash Closet is both a statement against furniture waste and a functional storage unit.

Designed by Marijke and Sander Lucas using leftover furniture that would have probably ended up in a landfill like all the other wasted furniture, The Trash Closet is recycled by the two Dutch designers to create something both visually aesthetic and useful.

The designers are using this project as a symbol of our horrible global furniture waste habit which sends millions of tons of furniture straight into landfills. Wanting to push for recycled furniture to be more environmentally conscious, the designers are hoping people become more aware and do something about this wasteful catastrophe.

"Considering the environmental devastation occurring on a global-scale; ranging from deforestation in the Amazon to our global consumerism crisis, The Trash Closet is intended to be an aesthetic attention grabber with the purpose of educating individuals to be more cautious with what they do with old furniture," says Sander Lucas.