- Dec 26, 2014
These December 2014 furniture products range from modernist cottage accessories to modular storage solutions that are easy to customize.

This month, designers are creating changeable and transformative furnishings that work in a variety of spaces. These designs allow users to make the most of a compact interior and are often collapsible, foldable or fitted with hidden storage.

Small spaces are a reality for many urban dwellers who are finding that less is more when it comes to their home's design style. In the case of these December 2014 furniture products, modular and transformative furnishings are key when appealing to younger consumers.

Today's home owner wants options and designers are taking notice. Great examples of the month's modular design finds include seats and tables that can be made smaller or larger depending on a user's preference.

From Modernist Cottage Decor to Modular Storage Solutions: